"They're amazing creatures and I'll do whatever it takes to save them."  Ray Dearborn, Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks

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ACTION ALERT: Gray Wolf in the Crosshairs

Do you have a wolf tattoo or know someone who does? Share it with us.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is threatening to remove protection for the gray wolf across the United States.  If this happens, this vulnerable population will once again be shot and killed. Wolves need strong populations for genetic sustainability and ecosystems depend on wolves. Yet today, wolves only occupy 5 percent of their historic range and are just beginning to bounce back. They need more time.

We're collecting pictures of wolf tattoos from around the country to show support for continued protection of the gray wolf.  Send us a photo of your ink and we'll deliver it to Secretary Jewell.  You can post it to our Facebook wall or send to tatzooproject@gmail.com.

Be a pack leader and stand with the gray wolf.

Tatzoo Exhibit at Nightlife


Watch the magic unfold as Lauren Gregory gets inked LIVE at the California Academy of Science's Nightlife.  She was tattooed by Brucius from Black and Blue Tattoo with his unique pointillism and etching style.

Lauren's tattoo  features the imperiled Leatherback Sea Turtle, the heaviest reptile on the planet. They are threatened by longline fishing and only 2,300 leatherbacks are alive today. Help protect these underwater giants by signing this petition now.

Tatzoo Bootcamp

Tatzoo provides a unique training program for emerging conservation leaders in the Bay Area. We give you skills you need to launch your own creative projects to help protect local endangered species and a kickass tattoo for your leadership. Learn more about the Tatzoo Summer Bootcamp and watch the video.

 Tatzoo Summer 2012 : Earth Warriors short from Emily Martiny on Vimeo.